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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Visual culture and society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Visual culture and society - Essay Example This makes it evident that visual perception, as a tool, plays a major role in human’s approach to life. As per my observation, usage of visual perceptions as a tool to build made-up impressions has a negative impact on individuals’ lifestyles because it provides a fabricated sense of reality. There are a number of evidences that I can provide in order to back up my position about this issue in hand. For instance, in my opinion, advertisement of â€Å"Sting†, an energy drink, portrays a person to get energized after drinking it. However, in real terms, the drink contains a high level of sugar and toluene, which is harmful for human body. In the same way, I have noticed that advertisements of certain brands of cigarettes promote male sexuality, but in reality it harms the society and individuals smoking cigarettes. In addition, ramp modeling, cosmetic advertisements and other fashion industry platforms promote the concept of Barbie-like figure. Consequently, teenagers take harmful slimming pills to gain attractive and slim bodies, which in reality are hard to achieve and should not be considered as a benchmark for beauty because every person is different from other. In my opinion, while looking at certain images and other visual coverage, people thoughts and beliefs are subjected to change as the characters portrayed through images influence them. Vision consists of intangible properties which are invisible, disembodied and dematerialized. Though, not all beliefs can be regarded as negative but it has been seen that most of the cognitive development in individuals is hampered by visionary experiences. It is also seen that most of the general lifestyles of individuals are troubled as they are continuously comparing their lifestyles with those images and characters, which are presenting a luxurious life style. Many individuals or viewers are seen exposed to images, which may cause them to carry out behaviors, which may not be acceptable in the society they

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