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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Implications of Automating the Seat Switch Substrate Production Assignment

Implications of Automating the Seat Switch Substrate Production Process - Assignment Example The purpose of this report is to analyze the benefits that would accrue to the firm when it adapts automation process in the production of seat switch substrate. Advantages of adopting automation will see a reduction of cost and an ease in the achievement of demand. After reviewing whether to outsource a manufacturing company for automation or use our own team for the automation, it was found that our own team is the best in terms of value for money. The investigation of automating seat switch substrate production process considered the merits and demerits that will accrue to the incorporation, the cost of automating and implications to the employees. The automotive industry has experienced numerous changes over the years. Until the mid-1970s, North America vehicle assemblers designed the whole product, including parts and some of the machinery used to produce them. There was a very minimal role played by external players in parts design and testing. Factors such as increased competi tion, globalization, and popularity of foreign vehicles led the automobiles to rely on suppliers. Polymer Technologies Inc. was started in1985 as a tool and die shop, in 1996 it was struggling financially and could make annual sales of $9 million and was losing money. This prompted Polymer to change its strategy and began making integrated metal and plastic to produce higher margin switches, relays, electromechanical products and decorative products for the automobile industry. The company worked closely with its customers, and the company’s automation group has been a key player in making test equipment which was crucial in quality control. Seat switch is an integral component of power automobile seats, the product controlled seat movements by translating instructions from the driver-or passenger –controlled switches into a signal to motors which moved the seat.

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