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Friday, October 18, 2019

Internet Technology and Social Media Solutions for Business Essay

Internet Technology and Social Media Solutions for Business - Essay Example Internet and Social Media have brought a revolution to the business world in the ‎recent past and proved to be an efficient online mode to imply various marketing strategies for ‎enhancing new business developments. Nearly all forms of businesses attained sustainability, ‎visibility and brand attention to nominal face with such online marketing tool over the years. This ‎platform gives up-to-date knowledge of any services or products, enhances online traffic and ‎create sound awareness (Norman 25).‎ There is a number of effective social media networks like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, ‎various blogs and Twitter available to facilitate the online business activities for building state of the art ‎solid customer base. This could be carried out by effectively marketing and advertising the ‎products through the adoption of interactive plans and strategies, for instance conducting online ‎polls, webinars, contests and e-books etc. The most important factor for online business through ‎social media is the engagement of accurate target audience so that the customers remain loyal to ‎respective brands or services for longer period of time.‎ Social Media’s Benefits to Business There are countless benefits of conducting business through an effective use of ‎technological internet tools. ... It also brings ?new job openings worldwide which tends to decrease the unemployment rate. The marketing ?tool also brings new investment to the business which is the best way to grow. It totally depends upon the way social media is used for business. It can be used for obtaining several objectives. Most ?common foreseeable objectives include fresh business contact, search new potential clients, ?obtaining prompt feedback, suggestion and positive criticism from the customers, conduct online ?marketing research and so on and so forth (Norman 54).? Internet and Social Media’s Applications in Business: ? †¢ It could be essentially import for gaining sizable profits in business through effective online ?marketing and publicity.? †¢ The medium of marketing could marginalize all hurdles in the business and put on the path of ?success.? †¢ It could identify target respondents of the products and services to build loyal and long term ?relationship with the clients.? â₠¬ ¢ A type of bonding is formed between buyers and sellers through social media.? †¢ It also tends to make new contact with different communities around the world of identical ?interests.? †¢ Experiences are shared with eventually lead towards building high credibility.? †¢ Through all time interaction, a consultation and advice can be given without any hidden cost.? †¢ Social Media creates a pool of like-minded people and builds strong ties for business prospective. ? †¢ It also helps to evaluate the weaknesses along with the competitor’s strategies (Stephen, 2011).? Evaluation of Business through Different Social Media and Internet Tools This paragraph clearly indicates the results which recently obtained by the companies using

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