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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Final research paper. ( packaging) Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Final . ( packaging) - Research Paper Example The idea of packaging is fundamentally defined as an amalgamation of science, technology and art that is mainly executed for protecting the various products during the phase of distribution, sales and storage. Its ultimate target is to diminish various ecological wastes along with preserving major environmental resources by utilizing the diverse constituents of packaging such as the factors of reusing, recycling and reducing. All these significant elements of packaging generally work together for the intention of reducing along with preserving various ecological wastes and resources respectively (Levy, 2000). The paper broadly aims towards a clear and deeper understanding regarding one of the sustainable environmental issues related to packaging along with the several disadvantages that it poses to the environment as well as business organizations. Furthermore, the aspect of innovation in environmental aspect of packaging will also be portrayed in the discussion. The factor of packaging imposes adverse effects upon the environment through number of significant reasons. The most important fact is that it is generally not biodegradable and as a result it contributes largely towards releasing greenhouse gases that eventually leads towards causing global warming. It has been observed that every product along with the production system and packaging possess certain unfavorable consequences upon the environment. It generally exhausts the natural resources and contributes largely upon creating significant quantity of wastes (Marsh & Bugusu, 2007). In this connection, for the purpose of defending the environment, it is very much essential to look into the matter that the wastes are kept at a minimum level during designing as well as packaging the products. Moreover, it is also very much necessary to recycle and to make best possible use of the waste materials that might help in money saving along with safeguarding the environment by a

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