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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Wormholes Essay -- essays research papers

Wormholes Throughout the ages, outstanding physicists, to the movies, to some of the greatest science fiction novels of all time, have pondered the idea of time-travel. The thought of actually being able to travel to another time or universe has long since enthralled, enveloped, and overwhelmed some of the greatest minds in the history of physics. No one person can actually prove any of their theories, but a few actually make sense. Meaning that they do not violate the laws of physics. One of the main theories suggested, are wormholes. Wormholes are considered to connect two regions of flat space-time, two universes, or two parts of the same universe. There is a lot of theoretical evidence that wormholes exist, with an equal amount of evidence that they do not exist. However, no matter what one’s belief is, the existence of wormholes still makes you wonder†¦ What is a Wormhole? Basically a wormhole is an approach to time travel, involving black holes. The equations of relativity suggest that pairs of black holes may be connected by â€Å"tunnels† that make a short cut through space-time. These tunnels are known as wormholes. It is postulated that for all forces, there is an equal, yet opposite force. So, a black hole’s equal but opposite force would be a white hole. White holes expel light and matter, rather than pulling it in. A wormhole is the connection between a black hole and a white hole. Einstein himself, working at Princeton with Nathan Rosen had discovered that the equations of relativity actually represent a black hole as a bridge between two regions of flat space-time, a phenomenon known as the â€Å"Einstein-Rosen Bridge†. Later on, in 1963, the New Zealand mathematician Roy Kerr found that if a black hole is rotating, a singularity still forms, but in the form of a ring, not a point. It was believed that in principle, a particle may be able to fall towards the singularity, but if at some point moved through the hole instead of the ring, the particle may not be lost forever. Therefore, with these theories in mind, a particle falling into a black hole will fall through the ring that the singularity has become, then going through the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, eventually being spewed out of the white hole into another space-time continuum. Problems with White Holes In relativity, a white hole can exist, however it conflicts with the second law of thermo... ...from the future has given us the secrets to do so? Is it because the future has not been acted out yet? Or has it been, and we are simply the past, seeing it as the present? Time travel has been a long debated subject. One such debate is, can it even be done? Many models of the big bang suggest that it can, while the theory of relativity says that it cannot be done. We see the universe because we are who we are, and where we are. That is the only reason we can question the facts of our existence. Sometimes we answer questions that were never supposed to be addressed. Space-time has always been in question. Time travel would give mad unlimited powers. One could act as god, change the world the way He wanted. If the outcome did not meet satisfaction, then travel back in time and re-work the problem until satisfaction. With our primitive ways and violent acts, why would we give ourselves this weapon of infinite power? Maybe that is why we have not been told of how to build a time machine. However, the people in the future didn’t think. If they have created a time machine and are hiding it from us, then eventually we will stumble upon this discovery, since we are their past! -A.R.G.

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