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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Does the Military Continue to Have Sexual Harassment and...

Does the Military Continue to Have Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Against Women in the 90s? Yes, the military does have sexual harassment and discrimination against women in the nineties. Firestone and co-researcher Richard J. Hurns analyzed a 1988 DOD Survey of men and women in the military and found that 51.8 % of men and 74.6% of women reported either experiencing or knowing of sexual harassment. Among the women surveyed, 70.1% had experienced sexual talk or behavior at the work place [that] created an offensive, hostile or intimidating environment. Among the men, 36.9% gave the same answer.(1) The percent of women being sexually harassed is much higher than the percent of men being harassed. Even though it is not†¦show more content†¦Women can get the feeling of not trusting anyone in the military command easier than women for two reasons. One, 99 percent of commanding ranks are taken by men, and two, men are more likely to help men than women. A woman can not get help from a commanding officer thats a woman, because the commanding officer is probably in a rut of her own. Women should join forces and overthrow the men in charge. The US would see a dramatic difference in sexual harassment cases reported. A Pentagon Survey of 90,000 service members showed that, overall, sexual harassment in the military is declining, but still common, involving over half the women in the military. The number of women reporting any type of sexual harassment in the previous twelve months dropped from 64 percent in a 1988 survey of all the services to 55 percent, according to the report. The unreleased documents indicated that among the individual services, the Navy improved the most over that period. For 1995, that number had dropped to 53 percent. The Air Force, as in 1988, continued to show the lowest overall percentage of harassment among women surveyed, dropping from 57 percent to 49 percent.(4) The Navy has made a strong and thoughtful effort towards the declining of sexual harassment since the Tailhook scandal. In fact, all the services have. Beginning this year, equal opportunity training is to be received by everyone. Everyone should strive for not tolerating discrimination or

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