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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

HRM Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

HRM - Coursework Example In order to set up an effective HR department, the first step would be to review current policies and practices. This involves reviewing the various HR functions and expectations. In this case, the HR functions will include recruitment and selection, performance management, reward management, workplace management, capacity building, employee relations and establishing an effective HRM system. The HR takes into account the organization’s structure, systems, politics, positions among others. The next step is to discuss the beliefs and values of the organization with senior management. Here, the HR takes it upon himself discuss issues such as the organization’s short term and long term goals and objectives, the expectations of the HR department and how the HR contributes to the objectives of the organization. The HR should also discuss the current organizational culture, as well as core activities and business drivers with senior management. By now the HR has a wide view o f what the organization is working towards and is ready to be part of it. The next step is to formulate the HR department’s objectives and strategies. This involves drafting job description, job analysis, job specifications, payroll and compensation. The HR will also have to lay out appointment, termination and resignation procedures. As a function of HR, it is necessary to draft induction and orientation programs. At this point, it is essential to review main functions of HR department. These key functions include job development, recruitment and selection, organizational behavior policies and programs, organizing, HR planning, performance management, HR development, reward management, employee relations, health and safety of employees. With this in mind, the next step is to note what is necessary for the organization in order of priority to make up the HR system. Here, the HR should write a report detailing the situation on the ground, the HR department required priorities, the action plan and the time schedule. The HR can now form the department as the HR manager with the assistance of one training manager, one salary administration manager and recruitment and selection manager. The HR then seeks approval from senior management to implement the plan. Question two The most appealing HR function is the recruitment and selection process. This is because it is the core function of the HR department. Without recruitment and selection, there would be no workforce; hence, there would be no HR department. Absence of workforce to carry out the activities an organization will lead to its closure. The information in the article is detailing the importance of the recruitment and selection process in any organization. The article details the steps that the HR manager should follow in the recruitment and selection process. Any organization requires qualified and competent employees; hence, the article emphasizes the need for a thorough recruitment and selection pr ocess. According to the article, the recruitment and selection process should be as efficient as possible, because the success of any organization depends on it. The article attempts to solve the problem of managers who take the process lightly. A HR manager, who fails in the selection and recruitment of employees, will be responsible for the failure of the organization. The articles also insist that team charged with recruitment and selection should have the required skills. This is because this team has the

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