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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Are traffic fatalities another consequence Case Study - 1

Are traffic fatalities another consequence - Case Study Example Elements of a study’s methodology section such as the type of data to be collected and the approach to data collection also depends on such clarity of objectives that the research question achieves. Failure to outline the research question is the main reason for potential difficulty in answering the research question because the inferred question may not have been what the researchers intended to answer. The researchers could have similarly have a different objective into the study than answering the average inferred question and the lack of focus could be a challenge. The authors attempted to answer the research through a quantitative approach. They used a survey design to sample data from ‘summer break’ destination areas. A database that the National Highway maintains was the source of data for the study and a non-probability sampling approach used to average  select 21 areas for the study. Quantitative data analysis that generated descriptive and inferential statistics then established a basis for answering the research question in order to bridge the gap that the researchers noted. Results show that the summer break spots have a significant mean fatality incidence that contributes to the overall number of fatalities in the considered areas. There is also a significant difference in average weekly incidents of fatality between summer break weeks and other weeks. The rates are higher in summer break weeks and ‘summer break’ destination areas.

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