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Saturday, August 10, 2019

The argument Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

The argument - Essay Example It is also believed that India was one of the few countries which pioneered the consumption of this plant as a tool for recreation and relaxation. The Sadhus and the Gurus who practiced the art of spiritual elevation found this plant to be extremely useful for their purpose. Ancient Hindu text Soma Veda refers to Marijuana as the â€Å"food of the thinking mind.† (ElSohly, Mahmoud) Despite being termed as a life saving drug, there are a number of side effects of this plant because of which the legalization of marijuana has not yet had a concrete stance in the law making process. Marijuana comes from the plant known as Cannabis Sativa. The major psychoactive compound in the plant is known as THC, and this is the element which is responsible for the psychoactive effects in the human mind. The female plant of Cannabis Sativa is consumed by people as it is said to be more potent with THC than the male plant. Marijuana has been used for medicinal as well as recreational purposes. I t influences the human body and mind in many different ways and even has the power of changing the mood to the perception of the human mind for a particular object. It enhances hunger when consumed and can lead to weight loss among those who consume it. It relaxes the muscles and also helps the mind calm down after the THC molecules hit the ‘cannabinoid’ receptors which are present in the human mind. ... The reason is valid as they understand that no matter what the law says, people will still be able to find means to procure Marijuana and consume it for their relaxation purposes. (Iversen, Leslie) However, they fail to understand that in spite of them consuming the plant in such a fashion, it remains a fact that this is not the legal way and they are going beyond the boundaries of law to procure and use this item. This is where the argument of legalizing Marijuana erupts, as those who want to smoke it and want it to be legalized raise their voice. These are the people who say that the boundaries of law have to be stretched to accommodate those societies which have been living on this plant for centuries now. However, there is strong counter argument from the other camp, as they believe that it is a drug and has extremely volatile effects on the human mind and body, and therefore it should never be legalized. The topic is indeed compelling and timely. The argument of legalizing Marij uana will never run out of time. It has been a debate which has been going on for ages now and the whole process of societies opening up to it and accepting it the way they have accepted alcohol will take a lot of time and effort, from those who want to legalize it and also from those who think it is in the right domain to legalize it and let the people decide for themselves. People from all walks of life have indulged in this ecstasy, be it the rock stars, the founding fathers of USA, or the common average man smoking in his courtyard, or the young students in college ready to take on the mantle of their life. It has been used and consumed by every kind of person out there and

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