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Friday, August 9, 2019

Marketing as One of the Organizational Functions Literature review

Marketing as One of the Organizational Functions - Literature review Example The objective of this research is to gain an understanding of marketing, core activities of marketing, and its effective usage. 2) What are the main debates in this area? This proposed research aims to focus on the concept of marketing, the main debates that exist in the marketing subject area such as manipulative marketing which attempts to hide flaws in the quality of a product, internationalization, and globalization affecting the scope of marketing, and the debate regarding principle of AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action) (AIDA, 2012) being universally applied to all markets, targeted audience perceives what it wants to or marketing makes them comprehend what organization actually wants them to. The research also seeks to evaluate the role of legislation and governments defining the boundaries of marketing. Also, the need of marketing, mediums that can be used as marketing sources, factors that affect marketing adversely or have positive impacts on it and the role marke ting plays in flourishing a marketed item will also be studied in the research. 3) Why have I chosen this area? Marketing has always been with humans, implicitly and explicitly, intentionally or unintentionally. From secular educations to businesses, from social lives to religions, marketing has always been there in different modes and faces. Marketing is not a static concept instead it is such a dynamic process that it has evolved and moulded itself as humans went through the process of evolution. The universality of this topic has made this topic to be chosen. Literature Review The research is supported by the textbook Marketing written by a technical writer and business analyst Mercer (1996). The targeted audience of the book is marketing professionals, marketers and other personnel interested in fostering their knowledge about marketing. The aim of writing this text is to comprehend the concept of purpose, role, techniques, and theories of marketing and getting a better understa nding of it in a descriptive manner and also, the book uses factual data where it was necessarily needed. In this text, the history of marketing is discussed with the essence. It has been emphasized in the book that marketing is not about making products known to consumers but marketing is a vast concept. It is about the complexity of interaction involved in marketing, and its effects on decision-making and business strategy choices. Multi-buyer and multi-factored marketing plans are discussed with market examples. Text is organized in fourteen (14) different chapters, catering all the related information and study of marketing, such as co-ordinations, organization’s pigeon-holes, sales vs. marketing, marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion), and critics on this approach, the idea of product vs. benefits, corporate strategy, customers, and market positioning are elaborated.\

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