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Monday, September 23, 2019

Summaries of Articles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summaries of Articles - Essay Example Another form of music of the white and black which came from the same origin is religious music. Beginning in the mid-17th century, black slaves receives religious instructions from their masters. At the same time, British preachers have also started their religious missions in their American colonies thereby influencing both races in the nation. Camp meetings for the black slaves become the most important venue where Africans absorbed hymns and Gospel songs. The shape-note method which is both utilized by black slaves and Americans serve a clear indication of the influence of British in south music. Recognizing the rapid advancement in technology in the modern world, this journal article examines the transformation from music publishing to MP3. The article recognizes the profit motive of business organizations engaged in the production of music and the utilization of technology in order to maximize returns. The author stresses that the understanding of how music evolved can be traced to the understanding of where technology developed. It then equates music popularity and culture with industrialized economies which can produce music most efficiently. From the humble publishing of music, the world has witnessed the burgeoning power of private labels in music production. However, this trend is now being altered through the internet technology which allows artists to market their musical creations to the public. The main argument of the author in the novel is the inexistent conflict between the black and the white. This is highlighted through the four movies which are given as examples in order to prove his point which includes Uncle Tom’s Cabin, The Birth of a Nation, The Jazz Singer, and Gone with the Wind. His apparent goal is to prove that Jewish immigrants and their offspring â€Å"as vaudeville performers, songwriters, and motion picture moguls become the examples for a structure of exploitation produced a

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