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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Introduction to Phonetics

INTRODUCTION TO PHONETICS Communication is possible only with use of language. A language can be used in two ways for the purpose of communication . The two purpose of communication is spoken and written. Speech is more important medium than the medium of writing. USES OF SPEECH: *Speech comes first in history. *Speech comes first in the history of any individual. *Speech is used much more than writing as a medium, *Written language is an attempt to represent the sands used in spoken language. * Modern technology has given more importance to speech.Linguistics is a systematic study of language. Phonetics is a branch of linguistics and it is the branch dealing with the medium of speech . It deals with the production, transmission and reception of sounds of human speech. THE AIR STREAM MECHANISM: Speech needs air stream. The air stream that flows out of our mouth is modified into speech sounds by the action of creation organs of our body these are commonly known as â€Å"ORGANS OF SPE ECH†. For the articulation of most speech sounds lung air is used.The respirative system consisting of lungs, muscles of chest and wind pipe (trachea). since the air steam mechanism involves (inspiration) breathing in and breathing out (expiration). It is the expiratory lung-air that becomes the basis for the articulation of most of the speech sounds. The air stream involving in lung-air is called Pulmanic Air-stream. There are three main air streams mechanisms 1. Pulmanic 2. Glottalic 3. Velaric The Pulmanic air stream mechanism is initiate by the walls of the lungs. The air is drawn into

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